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What is the Problem?

As a result of COVID 19, students aged six through eighteen incurred a gap in learning throughout the 2020/2021 school year. This gap is referred to as learning loss. As a father of an eleven-year-old girl, I recognize the importance of re-engaging my daughter in learning activities that will help her transition successfully into the next school year.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics and other reporting agencies address an employment gap by 2029 and beyond. Jobs in STEM careers will go unfilled due to lack of qualified employees. We can initiate programs and activities to mitigate this condition.

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What is the STEM Competition
Tech Expo

Showcase Technology

Educational leaders have the opportunity to support their students.

The Digital Vision STEM Competition and Tech Expo is a one-day event combining the excitement of competition with the power of the STEM industry. First, participants aged fourteen through eighteen have the opportunity to demonstrate their best technological inventions. Unlike a traditional competition where participants compete against each other, in this event, they are competing against themselves.

The competition is held in three, 1-hour rounds. Each participant and supporting family will bring in and demonstrate a technical solution that solves a problem. The goal for each participant is to explain what the technology is, how it works, and what problem it solves. Each hour, judges will walk around the venue picking two to three semi-finalists. After all semi-finalists have been chosen, they will compete in a live demonstration before the entire attending audience. Winners will be chosen based on a variety of criteria that will be explained during the event. Judges will award first, second, and third place prizes. All other finalists will receive a participation gift. Participants who do not place will have the opportunity to win prizes from venue sponsors.

The tech expo will give those in industry the opportunity to showcase latest technologies for business and home use. It gives professionals an opportunity to network. It also gives those in industry the opportunity to scope new talent.

Additionally, educational leaders from the neighboring k12 schools will have the opportunity to support their students. At the same time, college recruiters will have the opportunity to talk with youth and parents as they look towards college entry within a year or two.

Digital Vision STEM Competition and Tech Expo

Educational Technology

Why Ed Tech?

Opportunity to build brand awareness and build partnerships.

Educational Technology (i.e., ed tech) is an ever-growing market. Each ed tech company seeks an opportunity to build brand awareness and partnerships with k12 and collegiate school systems. The STEM Competition and Tech Expo is their opportunity to shine!

Technology Industry

Technology Industry

Why the Tech Industry?

Opportunity to share current & emerging technologies.

From renewable energy to artificial intelligence, technology is commonplace. The STEM Competition and Tech Expo provides STEM industry professionals the opportunity to share current and emerging technologies for commercial and residential use.

STEM Competition & Tech Expo in the Community

Can We Build Stronger Communities?

Academic opportunities that put them on the path to success.

The STEM Competition and Tech Expo builds stronger communities by allowing the people in our neighborhood to support students from all of the Hampton Roads region to display their technical know-how, win prizes, and learn about academic opportunities that will put them on the path to success.

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