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Welcome to the Digital Vision Small Business Leadership Conference February 2022

The Digital Vision Small Business Leadership Conference will be held Virtually on Zoom on February 18, 2022 9:00AM – 11:30AM.

Our keynote speakers include:

  • Mitch Gray – host of the Mitch Gray Media Podcast and author of How to Hire and Keep Great People.
  • James “Eddie” White – US Army Colonel (Retired)
  • Tyrell Watson – USMC veteran and IT professional


Keynote topics:

Mitch Gray
Topic: How to Hire and Keep Great People

  • Learn the top 3 best practices in hiring and retention
  • Identify the 3 reasons why employees leave
  • Implement this top strategy to create corporate culture


James “Eddie” White
Topic: Realizing your Business Vision by Optimizing your Efficiency

  • You must have a Vision to realize that Vision
  • Your Past led to the Present … your Present will dictate your Future
  • Improving efficiency, capacity and competency are keys to realizing your Vision

Tyrell Watson
Topic: Best Practices in IT Implementation

  • Keeping Up with Technology and Why It Is Important
  • Cloud Computing: The Future is Now
  • Don’t Trust The Cloud – It Doesn’t Trust You (The Evolution of Cyber Security)


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