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Who am I?

Dr. Keith McNally is a Structured-Thinking and Project-Learning specialist. With a background in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), specializing in Information Technology and Cloud computing, Dr. McNally teaches people how to think differently about their world, make personal and professional improvements, and enjoy a better quality of life. He uses a 6-P Model for leadership and personal development: Presence, Passion, Purpose, Plan, Produce, and Perform!

Think - Do - Live

Structured Thinking Model

“PBL is more than a project, it’s a philosophy in learning.”

Structured Thinking is a project based solution platform based on scientific examples and research that supports project-learning methodologies. Dr. McNally shares his insights into solving problems as a thinker, regardless of your academic or professional background. Personal, interpersonal, and career problems persist in all of our lives. Don’t be overwhelmed by them – tackle and overcome through the Think – Do – Live paradigm.

Empowering the Next Generation of Professionals

“The tools of leadership and success are founded on intentional thinking.”

I design professional development and technical skills training for adults. I specialize in helping military personnel transition into the civilian sector/workforce, specializing in the IT industry.

My Value to Educators

“Educator of Educators: Changing the Way we Teach.”

My passion for education motivates me into action. With a daughter who challenges me to re-think through the learning experience, I offer my products and services to educators.

Interviews & Testimonials

Dr. Cas gives us insight into the DNA of a teacher by exploring how knowledge transfer works between two people.
Gideon started with an interest in Information Technology. He now commands the IT industry with certifications, skills, and expertise.
Mrs. Humphrey provides some insight into how teachers can best impact their students through honesty, integrity, and authenticity.

Testimonials by Students & Colleagues

"I Love his YouTube videos. His daughter is so cute. And the relationship he demonstrates with her is outstanding."
"Keith makes an effort to connect with complete strangers on LinkedIn and elsewhere... He shows interest in the well-being of others. I appreciate that."
"Dr. McNally made learning interesting and fun!"
"Demonstrated an interest in my success, and that was years ago. I appreciated the work he does for his students."
"My passion for IT began with Doc. Now I'm in charge of IT projects."
"Powerful and insightful... a motivational force in the classroom."

What is STEM?

Science | Technology | Engineering | Math

“I know the acronym, but what does it mean?”

Stem is about the academics and the careers that answer the following questions:
  • How does our world work?
  • Why do things live, grow, and move?
  • How can technology be used to benefit humanity?
  • STEM explores all of this and more!

Dr. K. Across the Web

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I empower teachers and parents to transform student learning through Lego & STEM engagement activities!

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