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We develop socially conscious leaders to create a mindset change through long-term sustainability and collaboration efforts with local leaders in communities of interest.

Emerging leaders Conference January 21, 2023

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Through collaboration with local leaders we develop Social Conscious Leaders of tomorrow.


People with Vision

We primarily serve people with vision who are willing to create a sustainable future through appropriate social awareness.


Learn & Apply New Skills

Learners completing the program receive a certificate of completion along with the new skills necessary to be a Socially Conscious Leader.

clients & colleagues


The Question Guy Podcast

Play Video about Why Ask Why the Question

In late 2021, I began having real, albeit virtual conversations with people on my LinkedIn connection list. As a COVID 19 aftermath, it became important to reconnect with people all over the world. And people were willing to connect, have conversations, and build relationships. In 2022, these conversations became more frequent. Because of personal and professional loss due
to the pandemic, people were sharing stories of impact and transformation. I thought it was important to have people share these stories with the world, so I began – with permission – to record the conversation. From these recorded conversations, I created a podcast known as Level Up! I rebranded in 2022 with The Question Guy Podcast!

Two things happened as a result of these conversations. First, more people were willing to share their stories. Second, I was able to build connections with people through these conversations. The need for change, growth, and community among professionals across industries became apparent. I was having conversations with people who were creating change for themselves, then for their community and the world. People were changing their values. Those values were changing people’s behaviors. People were becoming more socially aware of their roles in the world. The short and long term impacts of behavior became a reoccurring theme.

At some point, one of my conversations focused on climate change. My colleague made a career pivot after his daughters (8 and 10 years old) asked him why the earth was falling apart. That got him thinking. Now he speaks on the effects of eco-anxiety and how change to people’s mindsets to become eco-friendly.

Throughout 2022, I continued to work with a colleague to open up the discussion on leadership. From these conversations, we grew the focus to include socially conscious leadership. From these conversations, we worked on crafting the Socially Conscious Leader Program. Through the podcast and building connections worldwide, I began to help people understand their position as a socially responsible person by understanding the foundations of social consciousness: alignment, sustainability, collaboration, values, accomplishment, and intention.

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Why Us?

Program Success

The program takes candidates through a series of strategic case studies where they learn the short and long term impacts of leadership behavior. Adopting the six pillars of the Socially Conscious Leader, learners apply new skills and ideas to make sustainable long-term decisions to problems across a variety of industries. Learners also work with volunteer mentors who provide guidance and insight into leadership thinking. Additionally, leaders have the opportunity to learn through peer-to-peer group interactions via virtual conference tools and online resources. As a result, learners will adopt new thinking and decision making strategies as evidenced by feedback from industry professionals. Learners will match their decisions against historical data to determine if their ideas are appropriate and applicable to current case situations. Learners who finish the program receive a certificate of completion.

More about the program

There is unmet demand for the socially conscious leader program. The socially conscious leader is a conversation few people are having based on the conversation I am having with industry leaders the world over. In a recent conversation, a couple asked a very poignant question (that has no real response). The question – “Should we have children?” Due to the level of eco-anxiety rising, this was a real question. It was a real area of concern for this couple. When I told them about how a socially conscious society could alleviate their concerns, they were less afraid of the world around them. But the question still remains – what will our world look like if we did not consider the long-term social implications of our decisions? We must have these conversations. We must have these types of training programs to answer these types of questions.


My professional connections in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada see the need for the socially conscious training program to continue. I am exploring speaking opportunities and workshops to engage people in a new conversation. How are we looking into the future with our thoughts and actions today? Exploring these conversations has created a collaborative model for leaders to follow now. This program has a global impact in the next two years.

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