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My favorite Dr. Keith quality is his attention toward creating a positive human experience, which in turn makes me want to be a better human.

Dr. Troy Hall
Brenda Yoho
Brenda Yoho"Journey to Leadership"
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Every journey has a beginning, and in "Walking the Path" by Dr. Keith McNally, the reader embarks on a profound exploration of leadership. This book presents a unique and insightful approach to understanding leadership, emphasizing that it is something everyone can do and engages in at some point in their lives. The author's impressive storytelling skills captivate the reader, providing an immersive experience that exposes valuable life lessons along the journey. The narrative effectively highlights the interconnectedness of actions, thoughts, and emotions, illustrating how our decisions impact others in profound ways...(click to read more)
Dori Staehle"A different kind of leadership book"
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When I first purchased this book, I did not realize that it was in a story format. This was a pleasant surprise, as the characters and stories not only draw you in, there are lessons woven throughout. I can see this book being very useful for teens as they contemplate what it means to identify their mission and to discover what and who they need to complete it. However, the themes presented are universal for those in business as well. Very interesting read and a nice departure from your typical boring leadership book! ~Dori Staehle, Next Stage Drumming
Dr. Troy Hall
Dr. Troy Hall"Master storytelling of a journey to breakout of the status quo."
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Dr. Keith McNally is a master storyteller. He weaves practical application of leadership principles throughout a young man’s journey to break free from the average that binds him. PLUS, each chapter concludes with an opportunity for thought and reflection. For those who know me, Dr. Keith’s attention to mentoring brings joy to my heart. True transformation begins putting others before self. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Bravo!
Mitch Gray"A refreshing take on the power of learning, leading, and making an impact on the world!"
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In a world full of books filled with ideas around leadership, it often takes time to discover a message that brings a new perspective to leadership. in Walking the Path, Dr. Keith McNally does much more than share with the reader core values of becoming a great leader. He takes us on a journey. Each person a leader engages is carrying with them a story. A story that needs to be discovered, empowered, and shared. Walking the Path eloquently engages the story of humanity by sharing struggles, thoughts, and patterns of behavior any great leader will connect with. Walking the Path invites you to not only consider how you are leading and what you are learning in life, but also extends permission to do exactly as it is titled- walk the path. Dr. Keith McNally is on to something here- an overarching idealism that invites leaders to truly consider how they are inspiring others to step into their personal greatness with courage, audacity, and meaning.
BiloxiBlueSales"Home run, refreshing leadership read."
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Very good book. Teaching leadership in a narrative story is excellently done here. It reminded me a bit of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” in style, but leans in even further into an immersive narrative. Don’t know if it is autobiographical, a composite of other stories or totally fictional, but it doesn’t matter. So many great lessons and a very enjoyable short read.
Deborah"A thought provoking story of leadership & triumph"
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Dr Keith McNally creates a well structured, thought provoking and inspiring leadership book. Reflection opportunities are encouraged after each chapter and pages for note taking are available. I love this idea & it suited me to pause, think & write. I’d recommend this book to leaders who are ready to reflect on where they are and where they want to be.

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In ‘Walking the Path’, we learn how a young man transforms into a leader. Surrounded by a community of nay-sayers, John looks to make a new life for himself. Anywhere is better than the valley. With the help and support of a mentor, along with the support from his friends, he leads them through difficult decisions and obstacles as they blaze a new path into their future.

From the position of story, ‘Walking the Path’ takes the reader through the Genesis of the leadership journey. Learn to transform yourself as you read, write, and reflect on the leadership journey.

Dr. Keith McNally is a university professor and host of the Question Guy Pdcast! He builds relationships with leaders across the world to learn what works, what does not work, and how to get started in your leadership journey. Transitioning into a leader is challenging. There are many obstacles. Navigating that path requires persistence and perseverance. And as leaders across industries will tell you – you cannot do it alone.

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"Trail to Transformation: Hiking for Hope and healing"

The essence of this campaign involves embarking on a transformative journey while raising hope and support for Suicide Prevention. Reflecting the Appalachian Trail hike’s significance in fostering personal growth, resilience, and community while addressing the critical issue of Suicide Prevention.


Until the Hike Begins

Trail to Transformation:

Hiking for Hope and Healing

Meet Dr. Keith McNally, a dedicated individual on a mission to empower and inspire change. With a heart set on making a difference in people’s lives, Dr. Keith is taking on an incredible challenge: conquering the legendary Appalachian Trail.

This iconic trail spans approximately 2,200 miles, from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Mount Katahdin, Maine. But he isn’t just hiking for personal achievement; they are embarking on a hike-thru journey, aiming to cross the entire length of the trail within a single 12-month period. The goal? To kickstart this epic trek in 2024.

What makes this expedition even more remarkable is his commitment to a more significant cause. As part of a $1,000,000 campaign, they are rallying support for their team’s hike-thru efforts. However, the mission doesn’t end with the Appalachian Trail; it’s merely a stepping stone.

The larger vision is to create a network of support for suicide prevention. Dr. Keith and their team of dedicated service providers are poised to reach schools, correctional institutions, churches, and organizations, offering essential coaching and support services for those affected by suicide.

With an unwavering determination to empower others and foster change, he is not only conquering mountains but also helping individuals conquer their own challenges. Join Dr. Keith on this incredible journey of transformation and impact.

Envision Speakers Series

The Envision Speakers Series brings like-minded people together to discuss issues that impact our daily lives. Although the primary focus is to learn how people in local communities around the world are making an impact, each conversation is unique and authentic.

 I designed these conversations so that entrepreneurs and people of impact can learn from each other, inspire each other, and create pathways that result in change. These conversations address both personal and professional concerns that affect all of us – the only way we can make change happen is to make it happen together.

As with all things, the evolution of an idea broadens its reach and deepens its impact. As we
continue to have the needed conversations that bring hope and help to those impacted with
negative life circumstances, I am now expanding the value of the Envision Speakers Series. The
evolution of these conversations now allows professionals around the globe to address social
issues that negatively affect how will live, move, and exist and offer possible and feasible
solutions to these problems.

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Dr. K's

Coaching Program

Walking the Path – A journey Inward

From the perspective of failing at a suicide attempt, you are left with frustration, anger, and confusion. Basically, you have two choices: try again to kill yourself or try to find a reason to live.

I’m here to help you find a reason to live because You are important, have value, and have a purpose.

In my coaching program, you will learn to:

  • Address the reality of your suicide attempt.
  • Identify the 4 core pillars of living:
    1. Awareness,
    2. Consequences,
    3. Purpose, and
    4. Reflection.
  • Build/create/nurture your community of supporters/cheerleaders/mentors
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The Question Guy Podcast

The Question Guy Podcast

In late 2021, amid the aftermath of COVID-19, I initiated conversations with my LinkedIn connections. These gained momentum in 2022, evolving into impactful discussions about personal and professional transformations.

Recognizing these narratives’ significance, I obtained permission to record and share, birthing the Level Up! podcast, now known as The Question Guy Podcast.

Two noteworthy outcomes emerged: an increased willingness of individuals to share their stories and the establishment of meaningful connections. The conversations underscore a growing need for change, growth, and community among professionals globally. As I continue to delve into discussions with change-makers, it has become evident shifts in personal values are influencing behavior and fostering social awareness.

Notably, a conversation on climate change highlighted a career pivot by a colleague inspired by his children expressing concern about the state of the Earth. This encounter led to discussions on eco-anxiety and a commitment to promoting eco-friendly mindsets.

Throughout 2022, collaborative efforts with colleagues expanded the podcast’s focus to include socially conscious leadership.

Businessman coach in the auditorium

Coach's Corner

Insights from Business Coaches

This series features interviews with successful coaches discussing their insights and strategies. They discuss the benefits of proven systems, culture, and accountability.

Coach’s Corner is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about coaching and how it can benefit their lives and businesses. Typical conversations emphasize the importance of having a coach for entrepreneurs and suggest having coaches for various aspects of life and business to help people progress toward their goals.

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